TeenAstro Firmware Build

The code is maintained on github.

It consists of sources in the Arduino framework, used to build the firmware for the 3 processors in the system:
- Main Unit (Teensy 3.2 / Teensy 4.0)
- Focuser (Teensy 3.2)
- Smart Hand Controller (ESP8266 Wemos)

The recommended build environment is now PlatformIO. It is easy to install, takes care of compiler installations, Arduino framework, and works identically on Windows, OSX and Linux.

PlatformIO can be used either standalone from the command line, or it can be integrated into an IDE such as VSCode.

PlatformIO build

For each build, PlatformIO uses a configuration file called platformio.ini, located at the root of the project. This file describes the processor, framework, and directories for sources and libraries.

To build from the command line, just type pio run from the project root, and all targets are automatically rebuilt. The executables are located in directory ./pio/target_name

For example, the Main Unit executable for board 240, with 5160 stepper driver is at TeenAstro/TeenAstroMainUnit/pio/240_5160

; PlatformIO Project Configuration File for TeenAstro Main Unit
; Defines the different board combinations

; Uncomment this line to build just one version, comment it to build all  
default_envs = 240_5160
lib_dir = ../libraries
src_dir = .
build_dir = pio

platform = teensy
framework = arduino
extra_scripts = pre:rename_mu.py

; Release version number - used by rename_xx.py for renaming the executable 
custom_option1 = 122

board = teensy31
build_flags = -DVERSION=220

board = teensy31
build_flags = -DVERSION=230

board = teensy31
build_flags = -DVERSION=240 -DAxisDriver=2

board = teensy31
build_flags = -DVERSION=240 -DAxisDriver=3

board = teensy31
build_flags = -DVERSION=240 -DAxisDriver=4

board = teensy40
build_flags = -DVERSION=250 -DAxisDriver=3

Uploading the firmware

For the main unit, use platformio: type pio run -t upload

For the SHC, upload with Wifi interface